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A place to share syllabi.

  • To edit the NAASN wiki, you'll need to request an account (top right of this page). If you need help with that, or with uploading a syllabus, ask on the mailing list (to subscribe, visit naasn.org).
  • Please consider sharing open formats that are ISO compliant, so that more people can access them (e.g. pdf, txt), or paste it and format it in wiki markup here. If your syllabus is already online elsewhere, you could just add a link to it.
  • If you find uploading files to wikis challenging, here's another option: upload your syllabus to the Internet Archive [1], and then insert a link to it here.

If you want to help others upload their syllabi, and/or help keep this page organised, that would be lovely! Please email the mailing list to indicate your interest.