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The meeting happened at GRIP-Concordia. The meeting notes follow:

- SCRIBE - Nicholas


informal, no notes

OLD BUSINESS - ACTION ITEMS review from last meeting

nothing to report


  • Brief pre-meeting discussion with Jaggi regarding the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (Jaggi is part of the collective that organizes the bookfair)
    • Bookfair will probably be the weekend be the last weekend of May (the weekend before NAASN), but they haven't had a meeting yet to determine the exact dates yet.
    • We should have a meeting to coordinate with the bookfair people (people might want to table at both for example).
  • Decision Making: Announce decisions made at meeting on list and give a day or so for people who could not attend meeting to chime in.
    • CONSENSUS: When important decisions are being made, we should send an email out to the list. So as not to make the decision-making process too cumbersome, more trivial decisions do not necessarily have to be passed by everyone on the list.
    • Leave a window of a few days for responses.
    • importance of local organisers to have autonomy to make decisions, while leaving room for objections on things that might prove controversial
    • informal consensus framework
    • greater coordination between anarchists on the ground will help mitigate scheduling conflicts for meetings
    • E-Mail
  • Can someone fluent in french regularly check this email? - - DONE - - Lea will take care of this.
    • Emails submitted in spanish to be forwarded to Cleve

Call for Presentation

Discuss current draft:

  • Any additional information to include in proposal, for example:
  • Should we emphasis a specific topic for consideration? Re: Kai's suggestion for "works that attempt to bridge the divide between struggles occurring across turtled island/so-called "north america"
  1. Ask those who submit to indicate their preferred length of talk (either 20 or 40 minutes) Counter-suggestion: lengths of presentation should be responsive to what we receive rather than pre-determined. Consensus: ask people who submit to indicate preferred presentation length/format if they like. This will allow organizers to allocate an appropriate amount of time to each presentation.
  2. Make explicit our willingness to accomodate the needs of everyone. If presenters require accomodations, they are invited to communicate these in their proposals.
  3. As per Kai's suggestion, include suggestive prompts / motivating question or statement in the Call.
  4. Make it clear that panels can be suggested.
  5. Mention the fact that live translations will be provided from French to English or English to French; Spanish; ASL; QSL.
  • Call to be finalized by Sunday November 19th, 2017.
  • Deadline for Presentation Submissions: The last day to submit presentations will be January 31st, 2018. Presenters can expect responses by February 28th, 2018.
  • How to propogate?
Updates / Modifications to Call. Kai will take care of the following modifications.
Forwarding the Call. Lea will take care of UQAM. Nicholas will send to CLAC, COBP, l'Insoumise's mailing list, and will ask QPIRG mcgill to publish on their fb page.

French, Spanish, ASL, and QSL

  • We need to start arrangeing ASL/QSL early or it won't happen.
  • French and Spanish translators to be found at a later point.
Lea will followup with QSL. Nicholas will follow up with ASL.


  • Which locations to begin looking into?
    • Possibility of having two different spaces. One where the conference will be held and another where we could hold and opening night event.
    • Important considerations when determining location: 1) tech support (projectors, etc.) 2) availability of a kitchen
    • We need to look into getting permission from local indigenous populations since we are hosting our conference on occupied land.
    • Territorial acknowledgment to be looked into at a later point.
CCGV - Nicholas will look into renting the space.
Batiment 7 - Gabriel will look into the availability of this space

MTL Bookfair date

  • Can we confirm their date at this point? Not yet.
    • Do we have a point of contact there we can coordinate with in realtime?

NAASN tabling/booky-bookfair component

  • Do we want a tabling/booky-bookfair component for NAASN? So far we've always had this, and it would provide additional opportunity for MTL bookfair folks.
    • If so, reach out to invite MTL Bookfair organisers/participants
    • Would MTL bookfair organisers want to help coordinate this component?
Val will invite Jaggi to invite Bookfair folks to table at NAASN


  • NAASN wiki - Bill will set up
  • Creation of a Wiki for NAASN, to include a page where those presenting can suggest or coordinate panels - Val and Bill will take care of this.
    • Registration required to edit Wiki. Access granted to those who request.
    • change listserv to mailing list
Bill will set up the NAASN wiki backend (MediaWiki)
Ifny will populate and help build architecture

Next meeting date/s


Action items added by Val by email


Please start investigating spaces we can hold NAASN for June 1-3. You can email this list with information you find or bring the information to the next meeting. See notes below for space requirements/considerations.


We will have the call finalized with a few minor edits today or tomorrow (read about edits in notes if curious). Start thinking about propagating!.


In the first meeting, we believe someone spoke up about knowing local indigenous community leaders, but we didn't record whom. We'd like to use the space with permission and genuine acknowledgements of the first peoples, please let everyone know if you can help make this happen with care and respect.


Does someone have connections to ASL translators? We might have QSL covered by Lea. We will include in the call that we will provide as much ASL/QSL translation as possible -- and hopefully we can start working on this now. In the worst case, as Smurf brought up, someone can live scribe the talks for people to read.


Please fill out the poll for the next meeting. I'll select the most popular date (with priority to montreal-base folks) on Wednesday.