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[[2018 Location Options]]
[[2018 Location Options]]
[[Accessibility Info]]
== If you've never edited a wiki before ==
== If you've never edited a wiki before ==

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Please feel free to use this wiki to organize NAASN 2018!

Existing Wiki Pages

2018 Location Options

Accessibility Info

If you've never edited a wiki before

This website is a "wiki" -- which means every page it editable! It's like a shared google doc, but a little bit different.

  • To edit a page: click the "edit" page and simply start adding/changing text.
    • When you click "edit", the text on the edit page will look slight different from the text on the wiki page you are currently looking. See the "edit" tab of this page, for example. To make a bullet appear, you must type "*" instead of click a button that says "bullet". Here is a cheatsheet of editing tips, and remember, you can always click "show preview" before you click "save changes".
  • To make a new page: first, enter the title of the page you would like to make in the "Search NAASN Wiki" search bar. If no page exists with the title you search for, you will see an option to make the new page!

More information on wiki editing here: Basic MediaWiki Editing