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This meeting happened at GRIP-Concordia. The notes are below:



  • VAL Get access to the website and put up the call for organizers
  • CLEVE follow up email to anticapalista (clac) about the next meeting. notes from this meeting + email lists, also translated to spanish, followup
  • INFY graphics -- try to make a poster for organizing request. One in english, one in french.
  • FRANCIS UQAM gradstudent list will email, can poster UQAM if in french, has friend who can flyer univeristy montreal
  • MICAH mcgill list, can poster mcgill
  • CLEVE concordia

Date of conference

  • (done) IFNY/VAL check in with naasn discussion list about date
  • FRANCIS email the bookfair collective that we have set a date

Call for presentations

  • VAL start a discussion of call for presentation on email list, try to finalize (with translations) before November meeting

Next meeting

  • VAL email montreal comrades on November 1st reminding them to confirm QPIRG space?

Introduction to meeting/agenda

  • This is a meeting about NAASN. The north american anarchist studies network conference, which is a small, informal conference organized by the north american anarchist studies network.
  • We hope to have the conference in Montreal in 2018!
  • The agenda of this meeting:
  • Introduce ourselves
  • I'll give a brief introduction to NAASN conferences
  • We'll figure out the first, concrete steps for organizing

Introduction of people

yourself/pronouns/languages/experience with naasn or briefly why you are interested

informal, no notes taken

Introduction of NAASN

  • IFNY introduction to/description of NAASN
  • Call for papers:
  • Work to be done - brainstorm for section just below

Discussion topics


  • Sign up for NAASN discussion email list, if you'd like:
  • 2018 organizing list:
    • There will be simply one discussion list for anyone involved in planning the conference - the one listed above
  • Getting people on organizing list who are interested, but not present
  • what to expect from NAASN comrades/alumns
After meeting, get everyone on list
After meeting, set the privacy settings of the list
VAL get people who could not come to meeting on list

Date of conference?

  • Great Transition, 17-20 May:
  • NAISA May 18-20 (in LA)
  • Anarchist theatre festival May 23-25
  • Anarchist Bookfair, potentially two weeks before g7 -- May 25-27. possibility of the date being changed more towards the begining of the month:
  • G7 June 8-9, 2018
  • beginning of may is not great for NAASN because of academic reasons
  • Date for NAASN should then be: june 1st through 3rd 2018

Call for presentations

  • based on the CFP that's already been sent for previous conferences
  • we should have CFP finalized before next meeting, then publicize after that
  • English/Spanish/French translation
  • Deadline
    • End of January Submit Deadline -- End of February for response

The following topics were only briefly discussed do to time, will be picked up next meeting:

  • Inclusivity across borders
    • streaming talks?
    • accessibility. We will make sure the conference is wheel chair accessible
  • Inclusivity accross languages
    • If we no how to do something in montreal, its translations
    • spanish
    • english
    • french
    • ASL & LSQ
  • Acknowledgement/Permission from Indigenous people (esp Kahnawake Mohawk)
  • Location of the conference
    • potential UQAM or concordia - get classrooms, kitchens. first week of june the campus is empty
    • logistics
    • food
    • tabling

Next meeting date

nov. 18th 15:00 at QPIRG-Concordia

  • Remote spanish comrades?

Call for organizers

  • Recherche d’organisateurs-trices:
 la Conférence annuelle du Réseau nord-américain des
 études anarchistes (NAASN) se tiendra à Montréal du 1er au 3 juin
 2018. Les cheurcheuses et chercheurs et les militantes et militants
 convergeront ici pour les tables rondes, les presentations et les
 ateliers. Nous comptons sur des volontaires pour y arriver, pouvez-vous
 nous aider?
 Ecrivez un Courriel a pour participer ou visitez
 HEADING will be this, is it ok?: ATTENTION organisateurs-trices/organisers
  • Call for organisers:
 The North American Anarchist Studies Network
 (NAASN) is coming to Montreal June 1-3, 2018 for our annual conference.
 Scholars & activists will converge here for panels, talks and workshops.
 We rely on local organisers to make it happen -- can you help?
 Email to get involved, or visit